Transfer from X chain to C chain didn't arrive after 9 hours

I have transferred AVAX from my X chain to the C chain a few hours ago and it still didn’t arrive in my C chain. First I had the message: error missing UTXO below in the X chain field for the transfer from X to C. And If I try to do it via Advanced, it says Not sufficient funds available.
Now after a few hours, it still doesn’t work.
Now I just tried to transfer just 1 Avax from X chain tot C chain, but now the message appears: output not sorted and unique. Anybody an idea what the problem can be? A few weeks ago I did it as well and it worked all fine and I could transfer Avax to my meta mask account.

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To inform you all, I transferred 0,5 AVAX from X to C and than the whole amount of Avax is visible in my wallet on the C chain. So problem solved.