Transfer from Coinspot to Avax wallet (x-chain) not showing up (72hourslater)

On saturday I transferred a small amount of Avax from Coinspot to Avax wallet as a test which worked fine. Soon after I sent a larger amount which still hasn’t arrived in my wallet. The transaction was confirmed by coinspot. I cannot however see the transaction anywhere in my avax wallet (checked the manage keys tabs etc) or on

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to look?

Transaction was to address X-avax1c3vxf5nudnrdykhn2kpm0nx3xsvxmj4ymapmp4


Nothing arrived at X-avax1c3vxf5nudnrdykhn2kpm0nx3xsvxmj4ymapmp4 as far as I can see.

So that is either an incorrect address or it has not been sent.

I think you need to verify if it was really sent and If you think it was, what the destination was and maybe let support staff from coinspot sent you a link to the explorer.

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Thanks for your help Quasar.

I went back to coinspot and they confirmed that the transaction had not been successful due to congestion on the blockchain. They then refunded my avax…not sure why that didn’t happen automatically.

Glad it got resolved.

The X-chain doesn’t really have congestion. Maybe you got an “standard reply” from a list of ethereum issues?