Transfer from Avalanche wallet to Binance didn't arrive after 1 week

I sent avax from Avalanche wallet to Binance and i did not receive anything after 1 week…
i sent a issue ticket to Binance i still don’t have any answer. I thought maybe someone could help me, did i do something wrong ?
i sent my AVAX to Binance via the X chain address so i don’t understand the problem.

the transaction : 1BwtXzfcL4igMVQYHyQv5zq26KnZe42PRmYfRkp7XnMfSAc7S

Dont send ticket on Binance, use Binance live chat instead. They help you much faster.

Binance always turns off and on the ability to withdraw/deposit avax. Pretty sketchy. But yes reach out to their live support.

I’ve experienced this before on okex. (I sent 8.9 AVAX from my x-chain wallet to okex) Support does not deal directly with the issue. They are escalating the issue to another department. When I was patient and insistent, they solved the problem in a short time. If they close your ticket. You should create another one until they solve it.