Transfer ethereum from metamask wallet to avax wallet

Hello! I have transferred ethereum from my metamask wallet to my c-chain avax wallet, but my avax balance is still 0. Could you please explain me whether I did a wrong transfer ? The transaction was 24-25 hours ago. Thanks

You cannot directy transfer ethereum to avalanche C-Chain as these are different blockchains.

So you intended to sent ETH over to the avalanche blockchain, but what happend instead is that you sent ETH to that address on the ethereum blockchain.

You can verify that by checking that address on an ethereum explorer:

And you won’t find anything on the an avalanche c-chain explorer:


You state “avax c-chain wallet” so I thing that is the avax wallet on

What you need to do to recover you funds is to construct a wallet on ethereum with the same private/public key as your wallet on avalanche.

You could do that by exporting the private key from the avax wallet and importing that into metamask.

If you did that you should be able to access your ETH in that metamask account on ethereum.

So what then? Since you wanted to go to avalanche with your eth you could use the avalanche bridge:

Read the docs, use a little eth at first to test it out (if you tranfer more than 75 dollar there is (was?) an airdrop to give you some avax to pay for gas on the avax side. Also leave some ETH so you don’t run out of gas on the ETH side.

Once there you’ll have WETH.e on the same address on avax c-chain as were you sent it from om ethereum. You’ll probably want to swap some of that to avax to make sure you have enough avax for gas for whatever you want to do next.