Transfer AVAX WALLET to Binance

Hello, it’s been a few days since I made a transaction on the AVAX wallet, I sent my AVAX from the C-Chain to my BEP-20 binance address. I don’t see my transaction appearing and my funds have simply vanished.
Thank you for your help even though I don’t have much hope.


You can’t send AVAX from C chain directly to Binance BEP-20 address.

Tokens aren’t compatible as they use different contract address and blockchain.

You will have to contact Binance support and ask them to move back your AVAX tokens to your C chain wallet address.

According to info, it is a long process and it costs some fees.


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Binance is asking for txid but I cannot find it. Could you please help?

Since there is no transection, there is no txID. I asled for help to binance but they say there is nothing to do without txID

I have the same problem as you. have you solved that problem yet