Staking with 2000 AVAX

Dear AVAXers,

I would like to thank the AVAX team for helping me so much. They have been fantrastic. I do feel posting something here would help others as they too may be having the same issues, so the answers would help the community as well.

The main issue I find in cryptocurrency tends to be trust. I lack some technical knowledge in staking. I really don’t want to make a mistake. I have some tokens on the P-Chain and wish to stake them.

I was pointed to this article on the telegram channel:

I wanted to check the validity of this article an d if anybody here had experience with them?

I am sure everybody here has great intentions and great intentions fuel good luck scenarios.

I am not very technically minded, and do not have the hardware to run a nod. I might like to in the future. They said they would charge a 2%-5% fee which to be honest, I am more than happy to pay in order to reduce the issues and complexity of having to do this myself.


You will have the answer in a few days, stay tune!

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Hi buddy,

I’ve asked in their telegram group and this is the kind of returns they are looking at.

Obviously my intention is to stake and would like to know the best way to go about this. So far any guides given are a bit too complicated for me, and this website seams to make the entire process easier.

I needed to check the validity with them.

If you have had any experinece. I know this forum is a bit quiet because everybody is on telegram, but telegram really doesn’t help because you can’t search and learn from one another like this.

You will have an answer this week, a little bit more to wait, but will understand once you see it!


Thanks kind sir,

I have followed your link added the required information and everything seams to have worked okay from the sounds of things.

I now understand what you mean. Thanks again. Seams like I am earning money for doing nothing.

What a lovely time to be involved in crypto!

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You’re welcome, keep us posted!

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