Someone stole my avax?

Sent some avax from binance to avax wallet, binance shows that the transfer was succesful. I was able to see my balance on avax wallet, about 10 seconds later it dropped back to zero. Now i found something on snowtrace that shows a transaction to another wallet that wasn’t me. Sadly i dont see any transactions on avax wallet in Activity page.

Did this happen to you?

I sent the amount of avax from binance to avax wallet, got them, but someone had access to my avax wallet (i still dont know how because i created that wallet 5 minutes before the transaction) and sent them back to someone’s binance wallet. Contacted with avax support, they said cant do anything, showed the transactions.

Maybe you can report it to binance as you said they ended up there.

As you say nothing is registered on the activity page of the wallet. Could it be malware changed the address when you copy pasted it to binance?

Is the address were it was sent to listed in the section under HD addresses?

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 00.08.44

If not it wasn’t sent to your wallet. Malware could be an explanation.