So many chains in Avalanche?

I am trying to figure out my wallet. Why is there so many chains, P-chain,

In my wallet I have:

Available (X) one AVAX amount

Available § another AVAX amount

It appears what can be spent is only on the X chain.

Why is this? I am trying to understand the need for different chains. Personally I would feel more secure to set an alert up or a 2FA on my hot wallet, and use a ledger to replace my current avalanche address.

Can somebody explain to me why there is a need for 2 different chains, and why is x-chain spendable only.

I also wanted to ask about this field,

and also this field,

I would love to here the reason for this.

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The wallet is like a dashboard made for rocket scientists. It’s pretty well designed from a UI point of view, but the UX is still terrible. It needs contextual tooltips, and explanations about what is the difference between x, p, c, and why you would use each one of them. This is critical, and should be shown in the wallet, contextually.

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Thanks both for your note (cc @dirkdirkdirk). We are currently undergoing work to improve the UX of the Avalanche Wallet and have made note of your feedback.


I second this , mostly confusing without tooltips or easier layout.

Thanks for looking into it and reading feedback :slight_smile: