Sent USTD to binance ERC20 from metamask avalanch network


My tokens were in chrome extension metamask avalanche network I will ewplain what i am did

  1. I opened the metamask with avalanche network.
  2. I have USDT in avalanche network and I send to a adress that is from binance usdt ERC20
  3. I did OK transaction fee and transaction. - Everything is normal in this position. Now You can see the transaction
  4. But now, i cant see my USDTs on binance or anywhere… Transaction 0x3745ee7018c2f358bf803bdf5d9b626b3d419dc17801e56ccd12… View transaction 0x3745ee7018c2f358bf803bdf5d9b626b3d419dc17801e56ccd12c6027d92c79a

on Avalanche It is my metamask account 0x550a5674cD96168cc8BF89f9e5303AbED63e4018
It is my Binance USDT ERC 20 account : 0x10a9614da20D2760B9D4685716CE6Fa320F62639 It is an another account i dont know where come it : 0xde3A24028580884448a5397872046a019649b084
My USDT seem in this adress : 0xde3A24028580884448a5397872046a019649b084

when i wrote it is my binance USDT ERC 20:0x10a9614da20D2760B9D4685716CE6Fa320F62639 account on cchain.explorer… 0x10a9614da20D2760B9D4685716CE6Fa320F62639 - Avalanche Explorer View the account balance, transactions, and other data for 0x10a9614da20D2760B9D4685716CE6Fa320F62639 on the Avalanche network

How can i access my USDTs, could you help me?


USDT on Avalanche network and Ethereum one ( used by Binance ) aren’t compatible, they are from different blockchain and use different token contracts.

You can’t directly send tokens from Avalanche C chain to Binance.

Your tokens are actually on the ETH ( USDT ) address of Binance but on Avalanche blockchain.

As Binance doesn’t support C chain, they won’t display them.

You can try to contact Binance support to explain your issue but unfortunately, from what we know, they won’t support users cases linked to C chain while it isn’t a supported blockchain by them.


I contacted Binance support. However, they rejected my application without any explanation and I cannot make a new explanation.

It’s a very bad situation.

Foreseeing this, Avax officials should make certain agreements to protect their users and attempt to have Binance test the ARC20 network.

I made same mistake :pensive:

And binance support said they dont support avax network so they cant help.

Could you solve problem ?

Is there anyway to get my usdt coins back ?

no, I have no hope left

Binance should support the network in the future. As various other exchanges begin to do so.

Do you have any news about that ?


so whats news? binance support c chain now

They support c chain for AVAX but not c chain for USDT. I’ve done the same thing recently and contacted support as well. What they told me that if they would ever support the c chain network for USDT, then my funds would be recoverable.

They also told me to submit official feedback about the USDT c chain network support on
If there are lots of users in the same situation their team could prioritise this and work on providing an option to access the network in the future… That’s the message I’ve got from them