Sent usdt.e from avalanche (c-chain) to binance but not receive

ı had have 906.5 usdt.e in my avalanche c-chain adress, then ı tried to send it to my binance adress but not receive anything in my binance or not back avalanche c-chain adress. Is it possible to get my usdt.e back to avalanche or to binance.

does anyone have any bad experience like mine?

When you ask an exchange for a deposit address, they should make it very clear which networks they receive deposits from.

Binance as far as i know don’t currently support deposits of USDT.e from the Avalanche C-Chain. Only Binance have the power to retrieve this for you. I suggest you raise a support ticket with them. There’s nothing more anyone here can do to help to access those funds.

What is this news about the Avax C Chain integration then?

Link to the source I’m talking about: Binance Completes Avalanche (AVAX) C-Chain Integration | Binance Support

If Avalanche is using Rosetta API, the funds should be reverted automatically to the main C Chain wallet, isn’t it?

I’m not a dev. I’m just trying to understand what might have gone wrong.

I strongly believe the fund is recoverable because a C-Chain integration has been implemented with Binance. In Binance when I use stuff like Locked Staking and Withdraw Early, the funds appear on my account after 24 hours.

Besides, Binance has withdrawn the P2P wallet system and now the Funding Account will be used instead of a seperate P2P wallet. So, there might be delays from Binance’s end and you should get access to your fund within 48 hours.

As suggested by @Josh, you should reach out to Binance support as well.

thanks for your information, i will send ticket to Binance support team.

thanks Orator, i will inform you after ı get any return from Binance.

I have faced the same issue i sent 50 usdt.e to binance and im unable to retrieve till now. i have contacted support too they say they cant help. the only way we get our fund back is when they support usdt deposit through c chain we can claim ours. If you found a way to retrieve please share

So when will usdt c-chain support coming? Any news?I lost 3k :((

Binance support can’t do anything about our loss tokens because usdt.e is not listed on Binance so we have to wait till listing, the only way that we can do for our lost usdt.e, mail to ‘‘[email protected]’’ for listing. One day we are going to retrieve our tokens back but unfortunately ı dont know the exact time.

do you have any news on your side? your usdt.e still stuck?