Sent from Australian exchange CoinSpot to AVAX wallet, but did not realised there were 3 different chains..

I initially tried to send AVAX from CoinSpot to my MetaMask, however it stated it was an invalid address. So therefore I went to the AVAX website and made a wallet there, and saw an address and used that.

After the funds were sent I had a look at the AVAX wallet site and realised there were 3 different chains, and that I had sent it to the X-Chain address. I do not see any AVAX in my AVAX wallet. Did I lose it all forever? :frowning: Please help.

I did not realised there would be 3 different chains/addresses… I will start reading more on the different chains now…

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I have recently had to exact same issue. I sent AVAX from Coinspot to the X-Chain address on the Avalanche wallet and then have not received it. Please let me know if you solve the issue and I will do the same if I solve it as well

Just an update. I was able to get my AVAX back by contacting Coinspot support team. I still dont know why it sent.