Sent ETH to AVAX via wETH using Bridge and Metamask

Hi using the site I used the Bridge function with the intention of sending my Metamask ETH (Ethereum) to my Metamask (Avalanche net) AVAX wallet.
The wEH showed up fine and the 2nd part of the process was sent to 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2 a token contract address where I’ve lost contact with it.
Is it likely to take some time before arriving in my AVAX address on Metamask or have I lost the funds ?

I think I have sold my own problem. the token was not showing on my wallet.
I received wrapped avax.
I was trying to add to my avax balance as I am trying to wrap some memo over agracadabra.
I’m still getting the problem now that I do not have sufficient balance to pay the blockchain fees to finish this off.
Do I need the actual avax token or will the wrapped avax fuel the transaction ?
if so what’s the best site place to unwrap and add to my same Metamask wallet AVAX balance.

I’ve been into defi now for about a week and this is one massive learning curve! I just wish all these tokens weren’t running off the ethereum network as it’s expensive and carries a massive time latency on transactions. learning would be so much easier and cheaper. Please hurry up FLR !!

It happed to me too. The second leg of the transaction fails sometime. Your funds are there. Please connect your wallet to pangolin exchange you will see your wETH in wallet, you can convert it to AVAX.
Make sure you have some AVAX for gas fees.

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had this same issue.

I used Avax bridge to wrap Ether into weth.e (avalanche wrap) using coinbase

my coinbase shows 117 weth.e, but when i go to pangolin, weth.e shows as 0

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Hi Shailrai08. Thanks for your message.
On pangolin the route the exchange would take is shown as -
Would I not end up with Wrapped AVAX ?

You Need AVAX token to pay gas fees. You can exchange the WAVAX to Avax on Pangolin.

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