Sent Avax from metamask c-chain to BSC wallet πŸ˜”

Struggling to figure out what to do here. Sent my avax to my binance smart chain wallet. The transaction is confirmed on c-chain but there’s no way of accessing them on my bsc wallet. Any suggestions? Thanks guys its a lot of money for me :pensive:

Add the awax to your metamax using this contract address 0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041 in the BSK network, then send it back to the binance, to send you need some BNB to pay for gas.

How is this going to retrieve the lost avax on my binance smart chain wallet? And there’s no such thing as bsk network.

You need to register the BSC network, to do this, go to settings, click custom RPS and register the network,

Next, when the network is registered, click add token, then user token and insert the address of the awacs contract
0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041, and you will see your awacs. Then you can send it back to the binance.

I came across such a question, I did it, do as described and everything will work out, you will see the same as in my screenshot

The Avax was sent from the avalanche network on metamask, to by bsc wallet.

I dont think what you mentioned helps. Because the avax is no longer on my metamask - so adding the bsc network doesnt make any difference. Correct me if i am wrong?

You need to understand that Avax is integrated into BSC networks, all you need to do is add the finance network to metamask and add the Avax token using the contract address.

I’ve done that. But it doesn’t help recover my AVAX which was sent to my binance smart chain wallet. Or am I missing something?

Just contact avalanchewalletsupport for help an assistant , they helped me resolve mine yesterday

Where is avalanchewalletsupport for help? Here on forum or where? Thanks

Just contact them on there WhatsApp hotline on +16614594662 they helped me resolve my yesterday and they are fast in resolving issue

I hope your issue have been resolved