Sent AVAX from coinbase to My ether wallet

Hi, I sent my AVAX tokens from coinbase to My ether wallet as I was having trouble using the Avalanche wallet. The transaction says it was successful, but I cannot find my AVAX there. I contacted coinbase the said yes the transaction was successful. I am waiting to get a proper reply from MEW, at the moment it seems like all replies are from a BOT. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Hazy.

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This exactly same thing happened to me. But I sent mine from Metamask Avalanche C network to my ETH wallet on coinbase. Still haven’t seen my money anywhere

i am in the same situation , i sent from Avax blockchain to Ethe blockchain ( to my Coins wallet) and coins are lost . Nobody wants to be responsible .

Coinbase sent succesfully and Coins did not reach ; i asked Avalanche CS and nobody answer .

any option? what to do?

I was told by coinbase there was nothing they could do as it was sent successfully. I am waiting on My ether wallet support to give me an explanation. A good token I wanted to have staked by now to earn on. Keep pushing them for answers.

just wanted to say that i am in the same situation. My Avax is sitting in the coinbase ETH wallet i sent to (according to snowtrace) but coinbase says there is nothing they can do. However, it seems they own the wallet and could simply login and kick the funds back but cannot be bothered. Pretty disappointed

is it real this number? i cintacted them and seems a scam

Yes they helped me resolved my problem ,I felt scared the first time thou