Sent AVAX from Binance to Bitfinex, but did not recieve

Yesterday, I sent 0.509 avax coins from binance to bitfinex. Binance sent me a mail about the successful withdraw but bitfinex sent no mail and not receive avax coins in my bitfinex wallet. Btw I sent another coin instead of avax from binance to bitfinex successfully in 30 minutes. Can anyone help me please?

Adres: X-avax18jg2acrptzux662afqshmzyhzkewrch8khqapt
TxID: VM7RUn67BCcL5AnHoNXkb6RXwiXLKUbCx1X1qhTuW866p3J7a


The trasanction is successfull and we can see the 0,509 AVAX in the balance of the receiver address.

So, from an Avalanche point of view, everything went fine.

If they aren’t displayed in your Bitfinex wallet, you should take contact with their support.

They are maybe in maintenance for the moment.