Sending ETH to AVAX wallet possible?

HI, is it possible to send ETH ( erc20) into Awax wallet? - directly to C chain Address?


Never send any ERC20 tokens in Avax Wallet, it isn’t made for it.

Only use metamask with Avalanche C chain for ERC20 tokens :slight_smile:


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ok great thnak you! ( i F…ed up than…) , i thought C chain can recieve it. Oh God, is it possible to reverse the transaction??

I am going to ask but I don’t think so… :confused:

thank you , just been looking in to it now. (lts not BIG amount but such a unnesserary mistake!( …)
i own private keys from recieving address, maybe that might be helpfull…?


I am coming back to you with better news :slight_smile:

According to check, there are 2 possible solutions :

  • Wallet is under development to support ERC-20 tokens ( could’t give you a specific timeframe )
  • You can import your Avax Wallet in Metamask by using the 24 words seed ( I just give it a try )

I can help you on telegram if you need =>


Hi again:) ok that’s great! hopefully my transaction can be saved and retrieved!..I will ad you on telegram ( J X ) thanks again!