Sending Avalanche Network ETH to Ethereum Network Address

Very Noob to transferring/bridging between networks.

I purchased AVAX on KuCoin and sent to avalanche wallet. Now I am trying to convert it to Ethereum network ETH. I attempted to this on pangolin. I sent to Metamask wallet Avalanche Network.
I swapped some AVAX to ETH on Pangolin. The transaction says i converted WAVAX to ETH. Initially, I thought I’d lost it because it wasn’t showing up in my MM wallet Avalanche Network until I manually added ETH Token. Now I see it sitting there on avalanche network in MM.

I’m under the impression that this is an ETH token on Avalanche network and not Ethereum Network/ERC 20 ETH. After reading a few posts like these it sounds like people are trying to send avalanche network ETH to Ethereum network address(coinbase/binance) and doesn’t work.

I checked out the bridge (, but the fee for the conversion on is 3 avax which is quite steep, so I tried to see what would happen if I send this Avalanche Network ETH to an Ethereum Network address in metamask. On the send token page it will allow me to send it to an Ethereum address and it says “No Conversion Rate Available”. I have a feeling this wont work and is why people are unsuccessful. I have three questions.

  1. Is this ETH sitting on the Avalanche Network of Metamask wallet Avalanche or Ethereum(ERC20?) since it’s just named ETH? I think the answer is Avalanche Network ETH token.

  2. If I were to attempt to send to say a Coinbase Ethereum address, would MM do the conversion/bridge for me or is my only option ?

  3. If metamask can do the conversion and since I swapped all my AVAX for this ETH token, would it charge me based in ETH based on gas fee/LP or in AVAX?


If you’ve ever transferred funds to the wrong wallet, reach out to easybinarysolutions via gmail, they helped me reverse mine

Wow great work mods, I reported this as scam and no action done.