Security Token Available?

Hi everyone,

I am interested to launch a real estate tokenisation project on Avalanche in 2021.

I’m working on a project on Ethereum at the moment but would love to deploy the real thing on Avalanche.

Is there security token designed for avalanche ? Or just use ETH existing token ?
Do avalanche use only solidity language and solidity++ for smart contract ?

I understand Avalanche is better in most ways but I am wondering what are the true capabilities of that new blockchain, in terms of smart contract at least.

I am interested to work in that purpose anyway so if anyone interested just drop a message.



We currently don’t have any security tokens deployed on Avalanche, but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about! With Avalanche, you can build assets that live on the X-Chain or the C-Chain. On the C-Chain, our Ethereum equivalent, the only officially deployed token is the native currency, C-AVAX (basically just ETH). You can totally deploy your own tokens if you want! Right now, the C-Chain only supports Solidity. We have a great tutorial for using it here:

When it comes to comparing Avalanche and Ethereum, Avalanche has complete support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The biggest difference between the two is that transactions in Avalanche have instant finality. Instead of waiting for blocks to be mined, transactions are confirmed in just a couple of seconds.

Avalanche also has the capability to define new virtual machines for new languages and new classes of smart contracts.

We also have a grant program you may be interested in:

Best of luck! Let us know if you need any help developing!

OK well understood thanks very much i will definitely get back to you as i will need help to develop a solution.