Running a delegator on a nondedicated machine

Hi - I’m currently running a validator node for Eth2 on Ubuntu server and would also like to do so for AVAX. It’s on a dedicated machine w/ intel i5 w/ large ssd so I know in terms of hardware I should be ok (I saw a raspberry pi 4 will do).

Can I safely run the avalanchogo validator on the same server?

Also - has anyone tried running avalanche on a pi 3b ?

You should have no problem with running ETH2 and AVAX in parallel. Avalanche is pretty modest resource-wise.

I haven’t heard of anyone running on RasPi 3b, but I suspect it would be underpowered for something like that. RasPi4 is 4-5x more powerful, so 3b would probably be maxed out with the current network load. And network load will only go up.