RPC Chain VM on Primary Network

Is this something you imagine people exclusively using on their own subnets? It seems difficult to deploy custom VMs in this way to the “primary network” as all validators would need to download the “RPC consensus engine” to produce/validate blocks (unless you are going to be storing runtimes in the chain like Polkadot).

Very very interested in this abstraction (seems very similar to the Tendermint + Cosmos SDK idea but way more performant). Shocked I haven’t read anything on Twitter about excitement around this feature!


Users will only ever be able to create blockchains on subnets, not on the primary network. In the future, when we add support for custom blockchains, they’ll likely use the same pattern as the C-Chain. That is, the blockchain will be running in a separate process from the node and communicate with it over gRPC. This is what the “RPC chain VM” does; it’s a harness that allows communication between an AvalacnheGo node and a process that implements the VM interface.