Request for dapp: an upvote market

Mike just deployed a very cool Dapp on Rinkeby: a tokenized “upvote” market that rewards content creators and allows the market to express their beliefs/reactions to this content.

And here’s how it works:

Currently, Mike uses Compound as the mechanism by which the content creators are rewarded. I think there’s better ways to do this, including enabling a steady minting of personal tokens which are directly issued by the protocol to the creator’s wallet. So, effectively, whenever a content creator creates a new token, all the newly minted tokens go to him/her. If the total amount of yearly tokens minted is 1%, then the content creator can capitalize on up to 1% of the market’s value.

I would love to see this built by someone in the community! I’d love to support the creation through a personal AVAX grant. If someone is interested, let me know.


This is awesome. Would love to see this on Avalanche. Using your own token would definitely give you better control over the rewards, but I do think using Compound to generate rewards helps stabilize revenue so it’s not totally tied to the value of your self-generated token. Maybe the better solution would be to stake them or put them in some kind of Uniswap pool?

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