Really no dev around for a simple question?

I am waiting now for 25 days for an answer from Avalanche devs for my simple question: Creating a new address safely

So here again and hopefully a dev will answer soon:


I wanted to create some new Avalanche addresses today using wallet AVAX network
However, I have to access my new address first before I know which address it actually is (X-avax1…). I’m not a friend to access my address and funding it afterwards because accessing may compromise it.

For my last addresses, I’ve used keygen AVAX network , where it was possible to see my X-avax1… address after creating and before accessing it.

Here my questions:

  • is creation via keygen AVAX network still safe to use? (because I can see my addresses and no need to accesss it to find out). It was used around ICO.
  • is it possible to view my address at wallet AVAX network directly after creating but before accessing it? I don’t want to access my address to find out which address I have to send to; accesss = compromised)
  • is it possible to have a legit tool oficially developed by AVA Labs to generate addresses (private key / mnemonic) offline like BitAddress or SegWit address? (Download from GitHub and generate keys offline) does not do anything different than the web wallet. I’m not sure why you think that accessing the address compromises it. You private keys / passphrase never leaves your computer, it is never transmitted over the wire. So, the only way it would be compromised would be is someone has compromised the computer you’re using. But then even keygen site, or any other way of generating address on that computer would be equally be open to compromise.

That being said, we’re aware that address generation and the way web wallet handles that is not ideal, and we’re working on making it be better and more acceptable for security-sensitive users.

In the meantime, as a first aid, there are CLI tools that can generate the passphrase and addresses offline, but admittedlt they are not exactly user-friendly (they require some programming experience):

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Your answear is already a great help. =)
So, is still safe to use for generating a wallet? Because it is not linked anymore at your official website. I have used it last time in November last year.
Are you an Avalanche dev and know where is hosted / is it still secure to access (like and how long will be available to create wallets?

Yes, unfortunately I’ve not any programming knowledge.

But if is still safe to use, it is nice to hear and I will use it.