Quick question for the Avalanche community

Minimizing friction for both developers and enthusiasts alike is our top priority. We’re looking to see if the community has any feedback on our content strategy:

  • What kind of tutorials would you like to see?
  • What parts of Avalanche don’t you understand?
  • Any educational resources that you think are best-in-class?

We appreciate your thoughts in advance!

  1. I’d like to see more of this kind of videos: https://youtu.be/7Tx1iKg-jL0
    His ability to explain things is unmatched. He is the Patrick Collins of Avalanche i think.

  2. There are few articles on why Avalanche is the superior blockchain but there isn’t many videos out there talking about it.

  3. “Updates on the state of Avalanche” videos from developers and team or live streams would be great.

  4. Lastly monthly community nights or AMA events on telegram would be cool.

Glad to be a part of this community. Exciting years ahead of us I’m pretty sure.



It would be interesting to add a Windows user part in the docs.

Lots of people don’t know that AvalancheGo is also released on this OS and is working like a charm ( following my experience and people i helped to build their node ) till version 1.0.4 as we don’t have the 1.0.5 at the moment :slight_smile:

Even if you don’t stay on Windows for a long term validation, it is an easier way for some newcomers to discover Avalanche ( node, staking on 2 weeks, create assets, … )

A second point is about prerequisites.

When running a node at home, people i discussed with, focused on the hardware, OS distribution, commands but there isn’t enough information about network infrastructure.

Working with someone willing to build its Win10 node, everything went fine ( bootstrap, health check, staking from wallet ) except than its node desesperatly stay at 0% performance.

Indeed, his network is a CGNAT infrastructure and in this context, you can’t manage your public IP.

It isn’t the only point to take into acount about networking, but a complete doc, video would be interesting for homemade node showing everything you have to take into account before running it.

I created a doc for Windows 10 users which also mentions some networking prerequisites, it has to be improved based on experience :slight_smile:



I’d like more docs/info on the DAG part of the X-chain.

  • Why the DAG design was chosen
  • Its pros/cons
  • How vote confidence is established

Gabriel covered it briefly (timestamp 25:50) on the DAG design. Agreed though, explaining certain protocol design choices would help the community immensely. https://youtu.be/HN3KSXQ2cAo?t=1550

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I would love to see more tutorials/comments on the blockchain VM side. I got the timestamp VM, but I definitely need help to understand what’s going on in AVM/platform.