Questions on choosing a Node to Delegate

Hi everyone. I’m new to this board so thanks to anyone in advance who replies here.

I’m wondering, besides the end time of each node, how anyone chooses which to nodes to select over any other?

First question - what exactly is the “Fee”? I don’t understand why anyone would choose a higher “Fee” if it impeded their earnings unless this is irrelevant.

Second question - what methodology do you use to select a node? I"m clueless here on the real differences and risks of any one node versus any other. Would love some group knowledge or context.

Looking forward to being an active participant here and thanks.

its not an issue. I’m wondering how people make decisions on which node to select when delegating, im not sure of what the differences/risks are of one node vs another.

Can anyone help me out here?

Sure. I am a validator. There are some parameters you want to think about.

Most important:

  • Has your validator enough uptime? This will determine if rewards are given or not. Currently uptime needs to be > 80% at the end.
  • How long do you want to stake? You can’t stake longer than the end time of the validator
  • What is the cost? Validators can set a price range from 2% to 100% You don’t want to delegate against a 100% cost node. That cost is on the rewards, not the initial sum.
  • You might want to consider the size of the validator. Joining smaller ones helps the network to become more distributed as it will help smaller stakes grow. Larger staked ones you would expect to be managed well, although there has been some cases of 3 Million avax nodes (the max) which were not managed well at all and were causing big problems in the network.

Have a look at the healthcheck of the validator. Here is a link to mine:

You can try this with any nodeID

There are links in the bottom to other health providers.

Maybe you can start off with an initial short validation period to test things out before you set the desired period.

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Thanks for all the useful information - is there any other risks to delegating? Learning as much as possible before making my selection.

There is no slashing as with Ethereum, so you always get your principal back.

The rewards are dependent on the performance of the validator. The 80% rule is determined by a consensus vote between perspectives of all the other nodes in the network. It is not possible to known every nodes opinion and there is some element of chance during voting so it is best to stay away from 80% with a wide margin. The element of chance gets reduced/diminished when the margin is enough.

You can get an idea of the opinion of some nodes by inspecting the health-providers mentioned above.

The funds never leave your wallet, they are just marked for delegation so there is no chance of a validator stealing your money. (unless you give them your seed of course)

Of course it is very important to secure your wallet. The best way is with a ledger. A hacked wallet will get drained of funds.

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Here is another risk:

There is no way to prematurely stop a validation or delegation. So if you need the money before that happens you are out of luck.