Project on Avalanche - Who's in?

Hi to all,

My name is John, i work in Real Estate field in Thailand. I have a personal project that i wish to develop on Avalanche. Property Tokenisation.

I am certificating at the moment with Alyra Blockchain school in France as Blockchain Project Manager. Should be over in a month.

I am not a developer but i am into blockchain since 2014 and i am ready to invest myself full time on an Avalanche project.

Everything has to be done on Avalanche and so we have many option for new project.

I am interested in DEX, DEFI, Stable Coins or else.

If you also want to develop a project on Avalanche and you have time, money, knowledge to share then may be we can set up a team here and start to work on it.

What you guys think could be the best project to develop now to make Avalanche more popular ?



Think to help you, the community can source all related projects (property) into this thread, then it paints a picture of how and what project you can do on Avalanche that would make it much better.

For example, here is an article And its related person who has a crypto project related to property tokenization.

There are tons of others, some more legit than others. I am sure many in the community know more networks and where they are located.

I am a developer. You can ping me at my tele @ajsingapore

@ajsingapore not sure how to DM on this forum, but would like to discuss a project privately.
Also, John, OP, could discuss your project as well.