Please save my life! Sent 17 ETH from Binance to AVAX wallet in Coinbase

Hoping someone can literally make my year here. I moved 17 ETH from Binance.US to my Coinbase account, but accidentally pasted the AVAX wallet instead of the correct ETH wallet. I have the proper address info (both sent and receiving address) and the Hash # info, and it’s time stamped on etherscan. Just need to figure out a way to actually access the ETH? Praying that AVAX is developing to the point where I can somehow retrieve this.

Hello there
I hope it gets resolved. I don’t understand what you’re doing wrong, but I understand that you lost your funds.
Have you talked to Binance US and Coinbase as well?

We are in the same boat my friend. But my boat has exponentially less eth than you do:/. I filed a support claim to coinbase yesterday. Have they gotten back to u.

I hope they could give you ur eth.

I did metamask to coinbase avax wallet. But I 100% clicked on my etherium wallet. I think mine was a coinbase glitch. This happened less than 24hrs ago.

Hopefully you reply to this with good news !

In the future when transferring such large amounts, always test with a small transfer amount. Will save you a lot of heartache.

Same boat here too, but AVAX sent from MM to Coinbase ETH address-several cases opened and all stated funds cannot be recovered…hoping some headway is made by someone. I can still see my balance through Snowtrace in my CB ETH wallet address.

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same issue here. Avax on MM to Coinbase ETH address. Please let me know if you make any progress.

Crypto is ngmi if these companies dont make it so this is not such an easy mistake to make.

i am in the same situation , i sent from Avax blockchain to Ethe blockchain ( to my Coins wallet) and coins are lost . Nobody wants to be responsible .

Coinbase sent succesfully and Coins did not reach ; i asked Avalanche CS and nobody answer .

any option? what to do?