Please Help! Sending AVAX from Coinspot to Avalanche Wallet and have not recieved them

I recently sent AVAX from Coinspot to my X-chain address on the Avalanche wallet and they are not appearing in the balance. I did a test transfer before of 0.1 and that showed up successfully however, when I did the larger one it did not go through. Please help

Unfortunately I have the same issue. its frustrating. I did exactly the same, transfer 0.1 and showed successful and second transaction with larger one did not come to my wallet.

So I was able to contact Coinspot and they were able to stop the transaction and I got all my AVAX back. However, I still am none the wiser as to why this is happening and from reading this forum it appears to happen to other people too. I still need to get AVAX to my avalanche account so I will let you if I resolve the issue.

They canceled my transaction and sent me email and mentioned the problem was within blockchain. I tried again and sending to ledger came true. In total working with the Avax network is not easy from my point of view. From staking you need to transfer within crosschain X to P again. Delagating has locking contract too. If blockchai had problem as they mentioned it is a big concern as alot of people faced this issue with different exchanges.

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