Pending transfer from Hotbit exchange to Avax walleet

I have withdrawn AVAX token from Hotbit to my Avax wallet (X-Chain). The withdraw was confirmed on Hotbit like 8 hours ago. Can I do something to speed up?
Thank you

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Did you receive a transaction ID?



Txid: 3ThKxkMKJ39dteX9M6vX8dFikE4GZREBdkrBGDNwcNvfmVFBQ


The transaction doesn’t exist in Avalanche blockchain => HotBit didn’t send it to us for the moment.

Withdrawal operation should still be closed in HotBit.

Since Avalanche upgrade on 11/02, exchanges are normally informed that they have to update their nodes to be able to process deposit and withdrawal operation again.

PS : In all the case, your funds are safe ( they can’t be lost ) and currently stored in HotBit wallet.


The same thing happened to me. The withdrawal failed and apparently never hit Avalanche but their system seems to think everything went fine. I’ve been waiting to either get my funds in my Avax wallet or at least get my balance back on Hotbit since February 10th.

Txid: wz6a6dCPRSG3HDVJjdAf6PL2VRHHzfoR2Nmabb8K5irYnx3E6

Is there anything else I can do?



Unfortunately, this transation was never posted by HotBit on Avalanche blockchain.

On our side, we can’t do anything, you could only contact HotBit and ask them why they don’t reactivate the Deposit / Withdrawal functions for AVAX on their exchange.



In my case Hotbit returned the AVAX tokens to my Hotbit wallet after 12 days.

Hope this helps.