Pangolin exchange ledger eth adress

Hello Everyone,
In the following tutorial:

"Create a Wallet or Import an Existing Wallet

This is where you have to create or import an existing Ethereum wallet."

At the above step, I add a Ledger eth address and it seems that Metamask is ok with it. However i am affraid to send avax to that address and would like to ask if there could be any problems with pangolin exchange and ledger hard wallet when I want to swap avax using metamask with ledger eth adress.

will it work ?

I appreciate your ideas

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AFAIK, with Ledger, you can’t sign the transaction on Pangolin yet.
Ledger support is ongoing, better to use Metamask alone atm while official confirmation is sent. :slight_smile:


thanks for responding quite fast

I use regularly, daily, Pangolin with metamask and my ledger. After you add the Avalanche Network on metamask, connect the ledger and use one of the addresses available on your ledger, it works smoothly. Mine is a nano s. :wink:

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I have tried to use MM with ledger on Avalanche network and there is no way I can make it work. I have 8 AVAX on C-Chain on an address that is controlled by my ledger, but even no way to get them out. I also tried to use Pangolin, it sends a confirmation message to the Ledger but after that the transaction is not transmitted to the network. How can I make Ledger work with MM on Avalance C-Chain?

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Using Metamask with Pangolin, be sure to use 470 gwei in your transactions. If the transaction isn’t transmitted to the C-chain, it’s a metamask issue, reset it from its settings and all should work fine.

Do you mean you can use Ledger Nano S/X hardware wallet on C-Chain with Metamask? I thought it is not supported yet.

Currently I use my Ledger nano S on metamask to approve transactions on the c-chain on Pangolin. With Pangolin, I use an address from my ledger connecting it to metamask directly.

I believe you cannot use your ledger to approve transactions on c-chain in the web wallet.

I am currently using ledger x, it works with eth address and approving transactions. Just do not forget to enter eth app before sending transactions. When will it work for the Avalanche app, I have no clue

Ive found Ledger on MM works fine with Eth and Avax - you need to use Chrome and turn on Ledger Live app in MM advanced settings

Or use firefox + metamask + ledger if you want to do it without the ledger live application

this might be a time when sending very tiny minimum-allowed test amounts could help with figuring things out.

anybody know what the minimum is in metamask for sending avax?