P-chain to X-Chain transfer, X-chain still shows 0 AVAX


I made three transfers from the P-chain to the X-chain over the past few days, but 0 AVAX available is showing on the X-chain. Any idea of how I can resolve this?

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try to change the browser

I tried Firefox, Edge, and Chrome, but it still is the same.

You can find out the latest status of transactions by entering their addresses on avascan. maybe the transfer is pending on the system


In Advanced tab of the wallet, use the import X button ( maybe several times as you have several transactions blocked )

Then refresh the balance


I used Import X button, and confirmed the transactions on my Ledger. The weird part is afterwards it says Nothing found to import.


But do you see the AVAX in your wallet right now?


It is not. The three transfers didnt make it to the X-Chain and it isnt in the P-Chain as well.

Can you share the transactions details ? ( trx id )

Yes, here are the three transaction ids: