Option B ICO participant here, yet AVAX are Locked Stakeable (P)

Hi, I participated in the ICO Option B, which has no vesting period. The majority of my AVAX are in Locked Stakeable, though. Why is that and is there anything that I can do to move this over to the X-chain? Thanks!


If your tokens are locked for most of them, it would mean that you either chose Public Sale A1 or A2.
Are your sure you didn’t mix up?

In the meantime, there were a sale for tokens to 0,5 cents or 0,85 cents.

Do you still have docs about your purchase?

Finally, you can still send a mail with all information related to your case to support@avax.network


Hello Pony_Avangers,

how is that again: When will everything “Locked Stakeable P” be fully available?
Is it next month? Thanks.