Noob here. Sent AVAX TO Nano X. Dont see it!

Hi all;

I sent a small amount of AVAX to my Ledger Nano X but I cannot aee any indication that its in my wallet. I didn’t use Metamask or the Avlanche wallet to do the transaction. Am I screwed here, or can I get my AVAX to show up, or is it lost? I see the address that it went to. Its my ETH address I have on the Ledger so I hope I can recover. Thank you for any guidance here.

You can log in to the avax wallet with your ledger:

It should show up in the balance.

This is the safest way to use the avax wallet. And that is what you need for staking.

If you want to use it for defi you can add your ledger to metamask and stay on the C-Chain. See here:

I setup an avalanche wallet on the web, hooked up my ledger to the PC and used the avalanche wallet in chrome to connect to the ledger nano. My avax balance was visible in the avalanche software–its just not visible on ledger live. Perhaps that will change in the future.

I never setup an Avalanche wallet. If I set one up, can I get to see my Avax balance that I transferred to my Ledger Nano X? I am told that I wont be able to see my Avax on Ledger. Is it too late to set up an AVAX wallet? Dude, where’s my AVAX lol…

Avax is not supported in ledger live currently. I don’t know if that will change, but it could be.

In the mean time you can login in to the avax wallet with your ledger. You don’t need to set it up, just login. If ledger live is ever going to support avax I would expect it to show up there as well. It might depend on which chains they support, but you can always export to a different chain.

So don’t setup a new wallet. Just login and make sure you only use the official wallet:

If you want to use it for defi you need metamask. See here to connect it to your hardware wallet:

Never use you hardware wallet seed directy on metamask or the avax wallet (or let it touch your computer like in notepad) btw. It should only exist on paper and on the ledger device.

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