No funds after cross chain from X to C (conflicting atomic tx present)

Anyone with the same problem? Tried crossing a few avax from X to C and my balance just turned to 0. Tried the advanced import but all i get is “conflicting atomic tx present”.


Hi, I had exatly the same problem -
First my balance turn to 0 while I tried to cross a few avax from X to C,
Then I tried again with, again, a few new avax just imported. This time I didn’t lost them but a have the “conflicting atomic tx present” problem. It tells me to try again …and again. and the avax doesn’t move from the xchain
If Avanced>Import C then I have “conflicting atomic tx present”

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did you solve this?
i have the exakt same problem…

I’ve got the same issue. Moved from x to c chain and now it only shows the export and not the import. Each time I try to import under the advanced tab it get through the entire process but then the funds don’t show up on C chain.

after around 30 minutes, Avanced>Import C worked. Avax came back

where can I contact I had this happen with a substantial amount and I’m trying very hard to remain calm

I keep getting the same error over and over again.
“conflicting atomic tx present”

Did this get solved? I am having the same issue. Cross chain from X to C, the export happens and balance is reduced but nothing is available to send on the C chain. Am also getting the “conflicting atomic tx present” message.

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Have you resolved these issue yet ,

I’ve crossed from x-chain to c-chain and all my funds gone! I don’t know what I can do!

Can you try this and report if it works?

Also this is a pinned message in discord: (

If your cross-chain transfer failed and you don’t see the funds, go to the wallet, select advanced, press import to C (or other destination chain, depends on what you wanted). If it doesn’t work, try it in incognito mode, or use Brave.

Please report back if that worked and if you got the “conflicting atomic tx present” message so others and we can see what works in what situation.