NFT - My suggestion

For me, first of all, NFT is a collection.

Therefore, my proposal is: prohibit the use of the same name for collections. For example, I created something and it simply has no value, even 0.000001 percent, because anyone can create the same thing.


I agree with your opinion. If so, a naming battle would be born :joy:

This blockchain is permissionless

The value of NFTs should be the ‘non-fungible’ part. If it’s just a name or an URL to a picture, then it obviously is fungible, anyone can copy the URL or the text. Enforcing that on the Avalanche level will not help.

What you’re seeing now is basically a proof of concept stage in the development of NFTs, on the way to true value being realized. When we get true ownership encoded in an NFT, then we’ll start to see NFTs have actual value and then just copying the name will not matter.

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