New Way to Earning more from your LP and enter the Synthetic Market market

Hi Avalanche Community,

I am from Baklava Space project and our team is currently building a platform for Avalanche community to optimize the earnings from LP (TraderJoe and Pangolin supported), and enter the synthetic market by utilizing the LP staked.

In short, Baklava Space is designed as a combination of automated yield farming for your LP tokens and a synthetic creation mechanism using LP tokens.

In Baklava Space, users keep 100% their original LP tokens and at the same time, Baklava is optimizing the yield from user’s LP token by actively auto-compounding the LP with lowest possible cost (all APY shown have already included fees), earning $BAVA rewards, and (soon) earning synthetic asset profits.

Very excited to be here, and you can follow us on Twitter ( and join our Discord ( for more information and updates.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

automated compounding sounds like squeezing out every last bit of returns from the goddamned Lp

Best way to earn the maximum yield from your LP :slight_smile:

Is the auto yield real time, which means even if I make $0.01 in 10 seconds it is auto compounded into my LP?

It is not exactly real time, but we are working on the most optimized way to compound it.

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Baklava Space is live

You can start to deposit your LP from TraderJoe and Pangolin, we will optimize the LP with auto-compound feature, and you will earn $BAVA from it.

i.e Current AVAX-PNG yield is 5000+% APR.

Feedbacks are welcome!

Join our discord for more information:

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I’d like to nominate PNG single pairing.

Let us know. Your suggestion will be very important to us to set the priority for new pairing/single asset addition.

Currently we are supporting xJOE from TraderJoe and PNG from Pangolin.

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We will add more PNG pairs to the platform, and currently we have PNG single staking online. Check it out!

hi all,

we have added QI-AVAX pair from Pangolin to the platform.
You can check it here:

Update: Coin98 has been successfully integrated to Baklava Space.
Link for details: Baklava Space Successfully Integrates with Coin98 Wallet | by Baklava Chef | Jan, 2022 | Medium

I think the API is too high, it’s suspicious. I’d rather provide liquidity to a well-known project, such as Symbiosis, where the risks are minimal. Why does baklava pay such a high api ?

The current high APR is because of $BAVA token price and current TVL.
With the higher staked amount (TVL), the APR will lower and more stable.
I hope this answer helps.

Hey there, I’d like to find out more about the synthetic assets that you mention in v2.

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