New PC for validator

Greeting guys,

I am glad to be here. I have a question regarding PC to act as a node for validation. I meet the minimum number of Avax coins to be a validator. At the moment I delegate them for two weeks.
I am planning to get a laptop to start as a validator at home, Intel i7 (4 cores) or equivalent, 8 or 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD. Wifi connection (Fiber). I might run it under Win10, if too much of a hassle I go for Ubuntu. I just read a little about Microsoft Azure possibility to run this but to do this at home is my first choice I think. Is Wifi OK for this? What do you think?

This should be Okay since it is higher spec. than the stated spec. below?
Higher spec. just to be sure and I might run some other stuff on this PC too.


  • Hardware: CPU > 2 GHz, RAM > 4 GB, Storage > 10 GB free space
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 or MacOS >= Catalina
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Of course, it is enough :slight_smile:

I am running mine on a Laptop bought in 2018. CPU I7-7700HQ with 8GB Ram

About WIFI, for stability reasons, i wouldn’t recommend it but you can give a try, it might work for you. :slight_smile:

From my experience, it was working on WIFI but from time to time i had some issues, so i switched. ^^

By the way, you aren’t forced to invest in a computer, you could also choose a Raspberry PI 4 to run a validator node.

It was tested and approved. ^^

So, it is your choice.

If you want to go for a PC and run Avalanche on Windows 10, you can check my guide and contact me on Telegram if you need. ^^

If you want to go for a Raspi, you have this guide ( not from me ^^ ).

But before going further, as i don’t know your location, you should first ensure that your aren’t in CGNAT infrastructure => you can see more information in the prerequisite part of the Windows 10 guide mentioned above ^^


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Hi Ponay,

Thanks for your help. The PC is ordered and on the way. I “need” or wanted an additional new PC anyway. Will follow your guide. It looks like a massive guide. Interesting stuff.
I drop the idea with wifi connection and will just let the pc sit next to the router and a cable.
Regarding CGNAT. Let’s see …

I will report back to you about the outcome.

CGNAT is something that few people thinks about before hosting a service at home but might lead to several problems.

Actually in some countries, ISP providers don’t have enough IPV4 public IP for everyone. Thus, they create private subnetwork in which you share a public IP with several users by using IP translation and attribute you a bogon one on your router.

Usually, in this context, the IP range you will see on your router is the following

My RasPi validator si connected only via wifi and it works fine, since before main net launch. There is only one cable connected to it, for power. Kinda cool, IMHO.

I tried this tutorial and kept on hitting a brick wall. I must have watched it 20 times. My Rpi4 is now running an IDEX Replicator instead. Avalanche Validator has now been started on my DAppNode.
I just found it assumed to much prior knowledge, although for some it maybe fine. The hardest part was having to type in the commands from the screen. No cut and paste option that I could find.