New Avax Wallet hacked with old transaction history

Hello, I opened a new Avax wallet today on the main Avax site to send from my Metamask. I did a test transaction from Metamask and this was successful. However, very quickly the Avax disappeared. When I looked at transaction history there was loads 213 in December however I just opened this now and haven’t used it once!

How can someone hack a new account?

Looks similar to this situation

same happened to me, i thought those were just recent transactions and I imported some avax from finance and they disappeared :frowning: how can my wallet be hacked I created it on the official website, did not disclose my key ?

My seedphrase is very secret since I didn’t store it online. I have no idea how this happened.

I staked my Avax and the end date was Jan 05. Today (Jan 14) I logged in, trying to restake and see the balance is 0. I looked at the transaction history and saw someone already transfered 31 Avax to an address. So sad. The Avax wallet is that unsafe?

I lost all my avalanche funds 2 weeks ago in spite of the fact that I us a Ledger. Do you suppose someone has figured out how to hack the block chain itself?

I lost all my avalanche funds a week agoand i use a ledger, i still dont know how. pls help