Need help with a cross chain mistake I've made

Let me start off firstly by saying don’t handle your crypto under the influence… ive forgot to use bridge somehow when I’ve never forgot in the past when I’ve used the xdai or bsc bridges… anyways I’ve sent eth to the avalanche c-chain without using the bridge.
I can obviously see the ETH on etherscan when I enter the address of the AVAX C-CHAIN EVM WALLET. But am not able to access it on the AVAX Web wallet. I’m wondering if there’s anyway I can use the avax wallet seed phrase on any other platform so I can access the ETH attached to the wallet address?


You only need to load your Avalanche wallet 24-seeds words to Metamask and you will see them on Ethereum mainnet :slight_smile:


I wondered this but preferred confirmation before throwing my seed around. Thanks :slight_smile:

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