My transfer from Kucoin to AVAX C-Chain not showing up in Avax Metamask

Smae problem with avalanche kucoin to metamask. Need to but $time

Having the same issue, I’ve been waiting since 9am. Submitted a ticket with KuCoin and received two emails saying they got the email but it’s going to take more time than expected to respond.

Same issue on Nov 10, 2021 5 PST.

I sent AVAX from Kucoin to Metamask and it has not shown up in MM. On the kucoin history, it shows as completed, but there’s no record in snowtrace that it was actually sent from Kucoin.

I’ve used the same recipient wallet address in the past and it was almost instant.

I received my funds. I’m not sure how many hours later.

The same thing is happening to me, I’ve been waiting for 2 hours and still nothing. I’m getting nervous.

I have set avalanche on ledger wallet/ledger live and established a avax wallet and have modified to my metamask using penguin. Sent avax for x-chain to c-chain. Sent small amount to metamask but has not showed up on metamask. I hit confirmed but nothing has showed in activity.

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I have the same problem has anyone actually received there funds or come to a solution I’ve been waiting for about 2 hours

did you ever get your funds if so how long did it take

I had received mine in around 3 hours.