My transfer from Kucoin to AVAX C-Chain not showing up in Avax Metamask

Hi guys, recently I tried to transfer my AVAX from Kucoin to the AVAX C-Chain.

I sent it to my Metamask account for AVAX, but even though it says the transaction was successful on Kucoin, I do not see any AVAX in my wallet whatsoever. My transaction on Kucoin goes to a link that says “Sorry, We are unable to locate this transaction Hash” on cchain.explorer.

Does anyone know how I can retrieve my AVAX that I sent? Or is this a lost cause and my money has disappeared? I also tried to import my AVAX metamask account onto the Avalanche wallet ( and I still see 0 AVAX in my wallet. Very confused.

Would appreciate all the help.


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Thanks, I will contact them and see what they have to say but I was thinking it may have been more on Kucoin’s side. Or may be the way I set things up.

I have reached out to them and will see what they say or if they can help me.


I’m having the same issue. Around 6 hours ago now. Can’t be sure AVAX or KC - I suspect it is KC. At least we know it is not us. It’s been way too long though. The TX does not show up on AVAX chain so it must be KC mess. We’ll see they are incredibly slow re support.

I have the exact same issue. AVAX I sent from KuCoin is not found in MetaMask. Explorer is showing “Sorry, We are unable to locate this transaction Hash” for the KuCoin Transaction. Anyone with the best solution to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Any luck with your issue? IM facing the same problem as well. Kucoin saying suceeded… but TXN says unable to locate txn… this is sad.

I’m on hold with Kucoin support right now.

According to the Avax Telegram mod, Kucoin Avax transfer now takes a few hours.

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well that sucks… im still just about an hour… but we have ppl here waiting for more than 6 hours lol… geezuz… meanwhile avax rugging us

Binance suspended their Avax withdrawal. I think everyone wants to buy TIME lol


i got mine now. after 2 hours. but the TXN has on avax still says cant be found. weird

I just got mine, after three hours. I suppose we just have to wait patiently.

Thank you @Dbrasko for the information. Truly appreciate it.

Thank you all.

Thank you @Dbrasko. I have just received mine after three hours.

Congrats guys! I’m only an hour in lol

I’m on the same situation with hotbit, been waiting 12 hours, hotbit send transaction hash but it says. “ TRANSACTION NOT FOUND” weird situation I’m starting to think this is not exchanges fault, is happening at kukoin, hotbit, binance disabled c chain wallet…what is going on ???

Haha cheap scammer ok I’ll do it right now

We’re all rowing the same boat. Going on 3 hours now.

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Same here, been 48 hours. Sent from HOTBIT to metamask, must have sent using the wrong chain. Thought for sure I sent over Cchain. Im thinking HOTBIT to blame here, have been in contact with them but always the same shitty answer ( your request has been submitted). Although one email says to wait 36 hours… buhp part of the game I guess. Hoping I can recover using the advanced chain import settings. Not sure what the sign message is though.

Same here… i see some waited a few hours. Guess i’ll wait some more.

First transaction went through in about 5min. Seconde transaction is taking now about an hour.

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Hi! I have the same problem. I’m 1 hour in and still waiting. I hope that I get my money.

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Same here from Kucoin. Still waiting since almost 3 hours.

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