Missing USDC avalanche to Coinbase

Hi everyone I have a problem I’m missing my usdc funds in my Coinbase wallet but I can see it on the snowtrace scan.
I reached out to coin base and they said they don’t support C chain but this was a stable coin not Avalanche tokens.

Is there a way to recover my funds or are they lost I have emails and the snowtrace link

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I did the same thing. Sent USDC coin from the avalanche network on my metamask wallet to my coinbase pro account. The transfer went through so the coin is sitting somewhere on their exchange in a pool. I’ve yet to hear back from them but I’m guessing I’ll get the same generic response.
It’s mind blowing that they don’t kick it back to the sender wallet with a invalid blockchain error and charge a transfer fee.

They mnemonic phrase are so weird .
It’s really nerve racking and nervous.
Will you write to them who ever is in charge at least we have evidence of our incoming address and out going address as well.
We are not trying to cheat …
Please let me know if any update from them .