Missing Funds after failed transfer from using avalanche bridge

i sent eth via ethereum wallet with metamask to avalanche wallet on metamask using avalanche bridge. I have not received my funds after 3 days. contacted avalanche chat and they were no help. I sent .1eth. Ether scan shows a successful hash to avalanche bridge and my eth wallet is missing the funds. Metamask customer service told me to contact avalanche. Looks like my funds are sitting in avalanche bridge address, but not my metamask avalanche wallet. My weth.e is showing balance of zero and 0 avax as well despite the bridge promising to send $75 avax for using the bridge. This is the most work I have done for $75. Avalanche where are my funds and where is my weth.e?

what gives?

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txn hash: 0x14705ef089fc9c06c57ee7fbc428af9a2c2dbfa3bbca7cfc7a75a814f7c49fdd

Let me try to see what I can find.
So this is your transaction on the ETH side:

Your wallet is 0x240093d711487ab5474500e2536ed468a4d95801 right?

Nothing arrived on the avax side of the bridge:

Zooming in on your transaction on the ethereum side:
I notice it sent ETH, while when I last used the bridge you could only sent WETH. I had to wrap my ETH to WETH.

Checking the UI here:

That still seems the case.

Here is a recent random other transaction that bridged WETH over:

That one sent WETH over. So it is different from your transaction.

Could it be you sent ETH manually to the address of the bridge contract bypassing the bridge user interface? If so, I don’t know if that is recoverable, but you could ask in the avalabs discord in the #bridge-support section

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Actually the bridge promises to airdrop 0.1 AVAX if you bridge over $75 worth of wrapped ETH, so it’s the most amount of work you have done for about $6. The airdrop is to allow you to pay gas fees for the transaction out of the bridge.

Same thing happened to me. It said completed and went to my Avax C wallet but it’s not showing at all. I sent Eth not knowing it needs to be Weth but to the c address so idk if I will be able to find it​:scream::exploding_head:

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I had same issue; sent ETH, did not know it had to be wETH.
Are my funds lost forever?
Please help!

sad day. I know this feeling and hoped i was being dumb. did the avalanche bridge prompt you to switch from your avax wallet to your ethereum wallet? it did for me and when i accepted the suggestion the avalanche bridge automatically set the outgoing token as regular eth and the incoming token to avalanche as weth.e. i assumed the bridge would wrap it for me? still working through all the replies… i love this community minus the actual ecosystem so far

It did not prompt me. I have used a lot of Defi and honestly AVAX is by FAR the hardest to use. Some help would be appreciated.

Attempting to access AVAX bridge support section on Discord. Cannot find it. Are you able to point me in the right direction? Thanks

you’re an angel for even attempting to solve my problem. much more than the support chat guy did. thank you ill try posting in the discord you shared & see if i can retrieve my funds

As you can see in the screenshot there is a bridge-support section in the discord.

You can join the discord here:


Before you ask questions there you can search the forums here and discord over there to find if somebody has similar problems.

And beware of “people / helpdesks / support etc” who offer to help in a direct message. They are usually scammers trying to get your seed

I had the same pb today.
The first transaction seems to goes well.
but the second never happend
here is my Eth adresse in case you can redeem.

avalanche chat support told me i was the only one with this problem

at last, i find out what’s going on,
the bridge swap ETH to Weth , this is this first operation.
when its done it transfer amount of weth in Avax Wallet.
BUT if you don’t have enought ETH to pay the second operation.
nothing happen.
the good news is your token are on you metamask : add WETH token to see it

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I was trying to use the bridge but I think something in my metamask lagged and I missed the second action so now I have deposited my funds to the bridge but it has not been transfered to my avax acc. Any ideas what to do?
TransactionID : 0x7a01e703fa2cd80ca8400b6df1ba835fd24326f665b08f01d2d6e8f47f3d793a

I have the same issue. Do you have to have ETH sitting in your Metamask (Avalanche nerwork) account to pay for the gas? And if so, i presume you fund that account with WETH?

Just want to say this thread has really helped me, in my case the bridge had done the wrapping but did not send over to Avalanche network yet. I thought the transaction was hung up. Actually the wrapping worked as someone else had stated so the funds were there wrapped on the Ethereum Mainnet and not on the Avalanche network. So if you can’t find your assets check wrapped token on ETH network.

Did you see your WETH funds on the ETH network or AVAX network (in Metamask) because i can’t see them on either network ?

Can you please provide a link for the AVAX chat support …i can’t find them anywhere? thanks

Did you see your WETH funds on the ETH network or AVAX network (in Metamask) because i can’t see them on either network ?

In my case I was expecting the WETH on AVAX (in Metamask) but I clicked something wrong so it never showed up. The WETH was though in the ETH network (on Metamask).