Metamask Avalanche Network ERC20 to BEP20 Trust Wallet

Well been busy with searching for help but can’t find nobody only scammers… So please scammers don’t message me!

Almost 1,5 day ago I bought Spore with AVAX on link So from a C-network (AVAX) to ERC20 network, I think? So my next step was to transfer them form my Metamask to my Trust Wallet BEP20.

I send them to the correct adress but never received them.

I also see the AVAX contract number of Spore 0x6e7f5C0b9f4432716bDd0a77a3601291b9D9e985. I thought maby they are on my AVAX wallet but when i want to add the Spore token, i fill in the contract number and try to add the token but token already the program says ERC20 token already added but can’t see him.

I don’t know what to do.


You can’t directly send an ARC20 Avalanche token to BEP20 BSC, contracts aren’t compatible between them.
You have to use a bridge => Spore Finance has one on their site.

According to the transaction check, your Spore tokens are on this addrress " 0xEDe336ea4eC841f602Fd8DB5788CF82C5909dcF1 " on C chain ( Avalanche )

I guess it is your BSC address.

If you have the 24 words seeds of this account, import them in Metamask if not yet done.

Add Avalanche C chain RPC for this address " 0xEDe336ea4eC841f602Fd8DB5788CF82C5909dcF1 ".

Add the spore contract token ( Avalanche one ) and you will find them :slight_smile:


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OMG you’re my hero. It tried a few thing but forgot this one. Damn thanks alot!

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