Make a snapshot like tool for forum polls

Let’s move to such a tool for forum polls where people can vote in polls on this forum with the axax they have and not just a forum account. It makes for more accurate polls.

edit: To be clear this is for forum polls only, I am not talking about full governance votes here.


Absolutely, Apricot is the first step towards governance, until then the polls on the forum are more of a community discussions and sentiment tracking rather than governance voting.


That would be pretty cool. Do you think the voting should take place on-chain (i.e. lock the AVAX you’re vote with until the poll finishes) or off-chain just by proving ownership of keys that hold AVAX.

In the later, you’d be able to “vote” with your AVAX in multiple polls at the same time and even spend it before the poll finishes, but I can’t really imagine people want to lock their AVAX for any period of time just to vote in a forum poll.

We just launched live on the production wallet the ability to sign messages (see image below). I don’t think it would be too difficult to enable signing of specific types of messages that would be attributed to a poll question.

@avawings thoughts on how this could be done?


I think governance voting should have nothing to do with the forum. Ideally we will make it a feature inside the wallet where people can vote using the AVAX they own.

I don’t think its a good idea to lock tokens for voting since that will cause many issues (what if you are already staking with locked tokens?), but also just proving ownership at a given time can lead to other issues (double voting?). Maybe there can be a governance token created for this purpose which allows us to vote on chain, and lock these tokens as needed.

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I think just signing a msg should be a sufficient and free way to poll.

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This isn’t for governance voting, this is for forum polling. Two different things.

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