Lost key phrase


I participated in the Avax public token sale. My computer was stolen and I lost my key phrase. The thief can’t access it because I encrypted it.

I have access to my Avax Network account and can see my recipient address.

What is the possibility to access the tokens after the retention period?


For any inquiries regarding the token sale you may send an email to support@avax.network, but if you lost your passphrase, I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do. AvaLabs cannot move the tokens, nor reverse-engineer the passphrase to access the address.

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I had a similar issue.

Are you deadly sure you updated your wallet to the LIVE one. Your address should begin with avax. If you never updated your wallet then you should be able to get back your funds.

I have a feeling you’d be just fine. If your address is a test address and you never updated it end of August start of September, then in theory you should be okay as the first addresses given on the sale were test addresses and it was only later advised to change it in the back office.

The address begins with X-avax.

That’s unfortunate, that’s a real LIVE wallet.

Talk to support and see if they can help you.

i transfer more avax on my avalanche wallet but i go on my wallet ans he runs but found no transaction also i do transfer on x chian , p chin and c chain and stake " times and i see now nothing on my wallet avalanche ? why


I am not sure to understand exactly your issue.

You transferred Avax from which source ( Exchange / Another wallet / cross chain / Metamask ) ?