Losing 10% of tokens metamask to metamask transfer

I am losing 10% of tokens when sending tokens directly from my metamask to a friends metamask address or sending to even another address in my own metamask wallet.

Basically the receiving address only receives 90% of the tokens transferred


Sent 236 SHIB from 0xB531670efae115f7DED0A9A850C6D43F638f8777

only 212 SHIBX received at 0x030409E600Ead871e22558C1069CAB285d98597F

Have a look here. This is how that token is designed.


$SHIBX is a reflect token. That means you will earn some $SHIBX on each transaction just by holding yours. In fact, there is a 10% tax on each transaction that is redistributed between ALL $SHIBX holders instantly and gaslessly.