LINK transferred to Binance still not deposited

Hey there,

I swapped my AVAX to LINK on the AVAX exchange and then using metamask I transferred those LINK tokens to Binance ERC20 deposit address. Now my tokens are gone in the air. What can I do? Please help

Also what did I do wrong?

Thanks so much in advance!


You can’t send ARC20 tokens to ERC20 Binance address, these tokens aren’t compatible.
Link on Avalanche blockchain are in a different contract than Ethereum blockchain.

You will have to contact Binance and ask them to send them back to your metamask wallet.

Following the case with Binance, it can be free or cost 0,005 BTC. It also can take a long time, it depends…


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So what is the correct way to take a token out of And transfer it to an ERC20 chain? In this case we we call take CHAINLINK as an example?

Please and thank you!


If you want to keep LINK tokens, you have to use bridge => avalanche to ethereum bridge ( high fees ).

Otherwise, you send AVAX to binance and buy back LINK on their platform.