Ledger to claim rewards and transfer NFTs

I am using a Ledger Nano X to hold some NFTs that give Avax as a reward for holding the project (Avaxapes). I also have NFTs that I successfully transferred onto my ledger using my online metamask wallet. I can move Avax and other tokens in and out of my ledger using either metamask or the Avalanche wallet but cannot seem to claim any rewards or even take my NFTs out of the ledger as the transaction just disappears after verifying it on the ledger itself. Does anyone have an experience with this and what I need to do to fix the issue?

I have opened ledger live through the settings on metamask which doesnt seem to do anything and I have used changed the metamask settings as well with no luck. I have no problems moving AVAX or other tokens using metamask or the avalanche wallet but just having trouble with moving the NFTs and claim rewards.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I cannot send anything out of my ledger including Avax and other tokens even though I signed for the transaction on the ledger. I am not having this problem on other chains using the same ledger