Ledger Device: UNKNOWN_ERROR(0x9405) (Workaround Found)

Ledger Device: UNKNOWN_ERROR(0x9405) whenever I try to even move or stake my avax.

UPDATE: Bug occurs when transferring full amount, lowering the amount fixes it.

Could be becuase you need some avax for gas?

When people have problems and then get them resolved themselves (sometimes even caused by the Mandela Effect different thing), they usually don’t get in touch because they are happy to have survived it.

“TheSpeaker” probably already solved his problem.
In love to the high dimensions.

I have the same bug, started happening today. No matter what I try, I get this bug.


Did you try to not put the max amount when doing a transaction?


Yes, I tried a few things. It seems to be size related. The weird thing is, the bug happens when putting 20% of available coins (this is what I was trying all the time). But not when I put 10% of coins. So it is not related to MAX amount, but it seems to happen when going over an arbitrary percentage of coins available in P chain.

Don’t hesitate to mention what you encountered as issue and how you manage to solve it to devs on Discord :slight_smile:

I just don’t read my email, not related to gas price. It was weird. Had to lower the funds as the only way to fix it then it didn’t happen the next time I tired with max. Something to do with amount of avax you try to put if it was above 100 it would fail, considering I had 120 at the time. Now I have 200 but I split it in pairs of 25. Will try again later.