Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet Review

Hey., I am new to this forum and wanted to know about Jaxx wallet I don’t know the thread which I posted is right or no but can you please guide me. I read a review about it on CoinPedia.

The Jaxx wallet software is completely free to use through any of its 8 compatible platforms. The only costs that users need to pay are the transaction fees when sending cryptocurrencies out of the wallet, and the transaction fees when transferring coins in the wallet.

The Jaxx wallet is fully compatible and supported on a variety of platforms. Jaxx also supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and is constantly adding more. The wallet also supports in-app trading and has an impressive user experience.

What are your views on Jaxx Wallet ?


This forum is made for discussions around Avalanche and its ecosystem.

As Jaxx Wallet doesn’t support AVAX token, It isn’t the correct place to discuss about this subject. :slight_smile:


Oh ! I’m sorry ! As I am new I did not know where else tp post.

We should message the jaxx team and see if we get avax on there as well probably.